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Forum "Nature without borders" is one of the leading international communication platforms where representatives of government, scientific, business and public environmental organizations discuss and offer solutions to vital issues of environmental protection, environmental safety in the Far East of Russia and the countries of the Asia-Pacific region. 

Goals and objectives of the forum:

  • Discussion of topical issues of environmental protection in the conditions of outstripping socio-economic development of the Far East;
  • formation of a socio-ecological and economic platform for the transition of the Far East of the Russian Federation to the model of sustainable development, taking into account international experience in addressing issues of ecological modernization of the economy, conservation of natural heritage and biodiversity;
  • Involvement of public organizations to promote an environmentally correct way of life;
  • the search for a balance between the need to develop natural resources and the need to preserve the unique nature of the Far East by consolidating the intellectual and technical potential of science, government, business and civil society;
  • development of the "green" sectors of the economy in the Far East of the Russian Federation and attraction of investments in these sectors;
  • discussion of the state, problems and prospects for the introduction of the best available (resource- and energy-saving) technologies;
  • development of decisions on ecological modernization of the economy on the basis of the best available technologies;
  • exchange of opinions, generalization of international experience of ecologists, development of strategic directions of ecological development and cooperation in the field of environmental protection and rational nature management. 


The forum is aimed at attracting the Russian and international public to environmental problems and the formation of a unified policy in the field of environmental protection, rational nature management in the Asia-Pacific region and the regions of Northeast Asia ....

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