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The reports are submitted in the working languages ​​of the Forum (Russian, English) and sent by e-mail to the Organizing Committee or submitted directly to the Organizing Committee of the Forum on one of the standard electronic media. Upon receipt of materials, the Organizing Committee and the Forum Secretariat inform applicants about the receipt of materials for further consideration, or, if there are grounds for not meeting the established requirements for the reports and refusing to consider them further. 

I stage - submission of abstracts for inclusion in the collection of materials

The deadline is September 12, 2018.

Theses of reports are necessary for consideration and formation of the business program of the Forum.

The abstracts of the reports are included in the Compendium of Final Materials, which will be published 5 days before the Forum. The payment for publication from the participants is not charged.

The list of the Forum's speakers is formed by the chairpersons of the sectional meetings.

On the list of speakers are informed by the chairpersons of sections (on sectional reports) and the Forum Secretariat (on plenary reports).

Listed speakers present the full texts of reports and presentations in accordance with established requirements (Stage II).

General requirements for writing abstracts:

To theses of reports must be attached (in separate files):


II stage - presentation of full texts and presentations of reports for presentations at the round tables of the Forum

The deadline is October 15, 2018.

Full texts and presentations of the reports are necessary for the organization of simultaneous translation into foreign languages ​​during the sessions of the Forum.

The participant is given for speaking at the plenary session 10-55 minutes, at sectional sessions and "round" tables - 5-7 minutes.

Based on the time allotted, the rapporteurs submit the full texts to the Forum Secretariat in accordance with and the general requirements for writing the abstracts outlined above.

Presentations (MS PowerPoint format) should be submitted electronically to the Secretariat of the Forum in a timely manner by e-mail or on one of the standard electronic media. It is mandatory to present the presentation in English.

Preferably, the direction of materials in the archived form (WinRAR).

Authors of published materials are responsible for the reliability of the information provided, the accuracy of data on the literature cited and the availability of data not subject to public publication.

The organizers of the Forum reserve the right not to consider materials submitted with violation of the above requirements.