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Primorsky prepares for the international forum "Nature without borders"


October 30 in Vladivostok, on the territory of the Far Eastern Federal University, the 11th International Environmental Forum "Nature without Borders" will begin its work. Its organizers note that the strategic goal of the Russian state is environmentally oriented growth of the economy, preservation of a favorable environment, biodiversity and natural resources for present and future generations. This goal is formulated in the Fundamentals of State Policy in the Field of Environmental Development of the Russian Federation for the period until 2030.

According to the Governor of the region Vladimir Miklushevsky, who is the initiator of the forum, the interests of a high level - not only national, but also world - are concentrated in Primorye. This can not be ignored when planning the socio-economic development of the region. Miklushevsky emphasizes: "We are realists and realize that progress can not be stopped, that mankind will master all the larger territories with every passing year. But it is necessary to make this process civilized and thoughtful - so that our children and grandchildren breathe clean air and drink clean water, and animals could be seen not in pictures but in their natural habitat. "
From October 30 to October 31, about 400 participants of the forum representing Russia, America, Japan and China will consider the issues of the dialogue between the state, business and civil society relevant to the Russian Far East in the implementation of economic projects, the development of the fuel and energy complex infrastructure, urban ecology and conservation biodiversity. The result of the forum will be resolutions and policy documents containing practical recommendations of scientists on preserving the unique nature, rational use of nature, improving the ecological situation, development of ecological tourism.
Forum for 10 years of its existence has become a permanent platform for discussions between businessmen and environmentalists. This time, entrepreneurs, representatives of public organizations and the scientific community will again have an opportunity to discuss the accumulated pressing issues and propose options for their solution.
The 11th environmental forum "Nature without borders" will be held on Russky Island, on the FEFU campus. Those who wish can get there both on private vehicles and on city buses No. 15, 22, 29, 29d, 63, 74, 77.
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