Requirements to reports (English version)

All reports should be provided in the Forum’s working languages (Russian, English) and submitted by electronic mail to the Forum Organizing Committee or hand carried directly to the Organizing Committee on a standard electronic information carrier. Upon receiving materials, the Organizing Committee and Secretariat of the Forum will confirm their acceptance for further examination or inform about their rejection if they fail to comply with established requirements to reports. 

Stage I – submission of abstracts of reports

Such abstracts are required for pre-examination of reports and planning of the Forum’s business agenda. br /> These abstracts will be included in the Forum Proceedings to be published after the Forum. No payment for publication will be collected from participants.
A list of speakers will be made up by panel sessions’ chairmen.
Speakers will be informed about their inclusion in this list by panel sessions’ chairmen (for panel session reports) or the Forum’s Secretariat (for plenary session reports).
All speakers included in this list should provide full texts of their reports and presentations in accordance with established requirements (Stage II).

General requirements to abstracts of reports:

  • maximum volume 2-3 pages, figures and tables are allowed but should be additionally provided in a separate file;
  • format: MS Word (doc; rtf);
  • page parameters: margin 2.0 cm – top, bottom, left and right;
  • first-line indent – 1.25 cm;
  • font: Times New Roman, size 12;
  • line spacing: one and a half lines;
  • the title should be typed in capital letters, semi-bold, in the center of the line; the author’s (authors’) full name(s) and name of their organization should be typed below at one line space in a lower case;
  • it is recommended to put references in brackets, e.g. [1; p. 18];
  • the following phrase should be contained at the end of the abstract: “I agree that my report will be published in the Forum Proceedings, its presentation will be posted on the Forum’s official website and included in the CD with the Forum’s materials”.

The following shall be attached (this requirement is mandatory) to the abstract (in separate files):

  • C.V. of the author(s) containing information about their key activities, achievements, area of expertise within 1 page maximum;
  • annotation of the abstract indicating its author(s) in English – within 800 characters including blank spaces.
  • it is preferable to submit materials in a compressed format (WinRAR).

Stage II – submission of full texts and presentations of reports

Deadline–  October 1, 2016

Full texts and presentations of reports are required for synchronous interpreting for foreign languages during Forum sessions.

Speakers will be allocated 10 to 55 minutes at plenary meetings and 5 to 7 minutes at panel sessions and roundtables.

Based on this allocated time, speakers should provide to the Forum’s Secretariat full texts in accordance with the above said general requirements to abstracts of reports.

All presentations (MS PowerPoint format) should be provided in an electronic form to the Forum’s Secretariat by electronic mail or on a standard electronic information carrier. An English version of such presentation is mandatory.

It is preferable to submit materials in a compressed format (WinRAR).

The authors of published materials will be liable for credibility of their data, accuracy of citations as per respective references and any data not intended for the public domain.

The Forum’s organizers reserve the right not to examine any submitted materials which fail to meet the above said requirements.