About the Forum (English version)

This Forum has been initiated by the Governor of Primorsky Region and sponsored by the Russian Federation Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Ministry of Development of the Russian Far East, Federal Service for Supervision of Natural Resources, Russia UNEPCOM, Committee on Ecology and Nature Management of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, institutes of the Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Science, Far Eastern Federal University, Russian Geographical Society, leading environmental organizations of the Russian Far East, representatives of executive and legislative bodies, several large Russian and foreign companies.


The Forum “Nature without Borders” is one of major international sites for communication of nongovernmental environmental organizations, scientific and business circles and official representatives where they conduct a dialogue seeking for solutions of important issues relating to environmental protection and ecological security in the Russian Far East and in Asia Pacific countries.


Goals and objectives of the Forum:

  • discussion of topical ecological challenges amid rapid social and economic development of the Russian Far East;
  • development of a social/ecological/economic platform for the Russian Far East’s transition to a sustainable development model incorporating international experiences in ecological modernization of the economy, conservation of natural heritage and biological diversity;
  • involvement of nongovernmental organizations in popularization of ecologically responsible lifestyles;
  • search for a balance between need for natural resource development and need for conservation of the Russian Far East’s unique nature;
  • development of “green industries” in the Russian Far East and raising investments for these industries;
  • discussion of problems and prospects for introduction of best available (resource and energy saving) technologies and search for solutions on ecological modernization of the economy based on such technologies;
  • opinion sharing, summarizing of international ecological experiences of environmentalists, elaboration of strategic guidelines for ecological development and cooperation in environmental protection and sustainable nature management;
  • Involvement of the Russian and international general public in environmental problems and establishment of a single environmental protection and sustainable nature management policy in Asia Pacific and Northeast Asia countries.

Potential participants of the Forum:

  • representatives of international, Russian and foreign environmental,  scientific and higher education institutions; commercial, nongovernmental and other organizations involved in ecological, environmental protection and sustainable nature management activities;
  • representatives of governmental bodies of the Russian Federation, governmental bodies of administrative regions of the Russian Federation and local self-government;
  • managers of industrial and transport companies of Russia and Primorsky Region.

Major Russian corporations handling their projects in Primorsky Region will also be invited to take part in the Forum: Summa Group, RusAgro, PJSC Gazprom, PJSC Oil Company Rosneft, Rosatom State Atomic Energy Corporation, United Company RUSAL; Russian and foreign printed and electronic media (federal, regional, specialized and corporate media), radio and TV broadcast companies, information agencies and services.

It is expected that the total number of participants (experts and audience) will be up to 450 people.

The Forum supports:

  • development of legislative initiatives relating to nature conservation, ecological problem solution, ecological education, training and learning;
  • development and application of nature conservation, environment-friendly, ecological, energy saving and health protection technologies;
  • creation and implementation of new programs and projects, activities and events on sustainable nature and subsurface management;
  • coordination of regional initiatives aimed at conservation of the natural heritage of regions;
  • development of mutually beneficial cooperation between nongovernmental environmental organizations and business community.