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IX International Environmental Forum “Nature without Borders”

October 29-30, 2015

VSUES, Vladivostok

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Saving a favorable living environment, flora and fauna in the conditions of advancing social and economic development of the Russian Far East

The goals of the Forum

The Forum is aimed at the discussion of the issues connected with environmental protection in terms of advancing social and economic development of the Russian Far East. The list of topics is the following: a human and the environment, protected wildlife territories, ecological safety of the seas, international environmental cooperation.

The tasks of the Forum

  • positioning of Primorsky Krai as an active participant of international environmental cooperation with countries in the Asia-Pacific region;
  • attracting the attention of international and Russian expert community to large-scaled industrial and infrastructure investment projects implemented on the territory of the Russian Far East, in terms of their investment attractiveness and environmental safety;
  • generalization of international experience and demonstration of the latest achievements of Russian companies in the field of environmental protection and environmental management while the implementation of projects connected with the processing of natural resources and the functioning of transport and industrial infrastructure;
  • involvement and participation in the Forum of the representatives of the expert community in the Asia-Pacific region, implementing projects in the field of mineral resources processing and transportation;
  • presentation of environmental programs implemented by the executive authorities of the Far Eastern Federal District;
  • arranging a constructive dialogue of the expert community with customers and operators involved into the construction and operation of industrial plants and related infrastructure in Primorsky Krai.

The Forum advocates for:

  • the development of legislative initiatives in the field of nature conservation, solving environmental problems, the development of environmental education, upbringing and education;
  • the creation and implementation of environmental, environmentally friendly, ecological, energy-saving and health-saving technology;
  • the creation and implementation of new ideas, programs and projects, as well as activities in the field of conservation and subsoil usage;
  • the development of integration and coordination of regional initiatives in the field of preserving the natural heritage of the regions;
  • the development of mutually beneficial cooperation of environmental organizations and business community.

Nature without Borders" Forum is one of the leading international communication platforms where government representatives, scientists, businesses and environmental organizations are able to discuss and offer solutions to vital issues of environmental protection and ecological safety of the Russian Far East and the Asia-Pacific region.

Vladimir Miklushevsky, the Governor of Primorsky Krai

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